We expect players to play fair and honest. The team is run as an MOD squad so there is structure. Members need to try and commit to at least 5 days play a year but I understand life gets in the way we just need communication. All we need from players is sportsmanship, loyalty, a sense of humour and the want to play.

Originally members will purchase their black and white patch at £10 via the paypal link below if not already done so. Once the team member is happy and HQ are happy the colour patch will be issued free of charge.  We are introducing a subscription free of £2 per month as of 1st September 2020 paid by PayPal subscription. This is to cover running costs these have currently been covered by HQ but can no longer be maintained.

If you are not already you will need to ensure you sort your own UKPSF membership as the team will not be able to action this for you. UKPSF membership is mandetory. We dont have a jersey but do now all wear a sponsor polo shirt that has velcro for our patch and sponsor patches, these are £40 but do not need to be brought straight away and are personal choice.

If kit is wanted to be purchased we do bulk orders through the sponsors, controlled by HQ as we have the discount order emails along with the contacts. If we bulk order it means we share delivery costs. Same as import orders to minimise costs like postage and customs fees.

The WDW patch goes on right arm where possible, black and whte for new members, colour for full member, tan patches are an additional not an replacement. Main Patches to be worn should be sponsor patches as that's how we keep them as well as team patches.

We do have quite a few perks that are for team members only. Please respect that and keep the perks to yourself.

HQ control most communication through facebook and an app called INSTATEAM as then messages are not lost through the world of FB. Instateam links can be sent from HQ. This app let's us sort who is at what event as well as calendars and payment tracking.

1. Agree to these terms using form below
2. Purchase black and white patch.
3. Setup subscrition through link below.
4. Supply some pictures of you in kit preferably playing and some background info for the profile page.  These are to be sent to hq@whodareswinsglobal.com
5. Setup Instateam with request from HQ.
6. Play

HQ Team

Black & White Patch (New Member)

Tan & Black Patch

Not a replacement for black and white.



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